Pioneering Food Safety

As a pioneer in the food truck industry, CNR is committed to cooking not only seriously delicious food, but food that’s safely sourced, prepared, and served. We hold our food trucks, restaurants, catering, and catered events to top of industry standards.

Read below to see the measures we take to ensure the safety of our guests.

A Culture of Food Safety

  • To ensure food safety is taken seriously at all levels, we’ve created a food safety committee comprised of employee volunteers ranging from dishwashers to the CEO that meets regularly to discuss how to best ensure food safety in a candid and open environment.
  • The committee oversees our internal food safety education program.

Employee Food Safety Education & Follow Up

  • Team members must pass a 20 question food safety exam.
  • Managers must pass an exam focused on recognizing, reporting, and documenting potential food safety hazards.
  • Managers are also required to be ServSafe certified. ServSafe is a comprehensive, nationally-recognized food safety training and certification program.
  • CNR shift leaders are also encouraged to take the ServSafe exam. Although not standard industry practice, our goal is to have all of our frontline supervisors ServSafe certified.
  • Regular internal and external audits are conducted for all operations to evaluate the effectiveness of our food safety training.

A Small Business with Big Business Technology

Our trucks + facilities use state-of-the-art food safety technology, including:

  • First food truck in the nation to use Vital Vio’s VioSafe™ antibacterial lights, to add an additional layer of protection against surface contamination. The VioSafe™ disinfection technology uses a precisely tuned broadband spectrum of visible light, designed to target molecules that are only in germs and not in humans or animals. Independent studies have shown that, when used in combination with traditional intermittent cleaning, these antibacterial LEDs significantly reduce the number of harmful bacteria on interior surfaces.
  • Self-logging, ZeroTouch™ thermometers provided by Squadle that reduce the chance of cross-contamination while ensuring food temperatures are accurately measured and logged.
  • Cloud-connected sensors also provided by Squadle capable of monitoring temperatures 24/7.

Supplier Standards That Reflect Our Standards

  • We examine inspection records to ensure all suppliers are in good standing with local, state, and federal regulators.
  • We review standard operating procedures to ensure the implementation food safety best practices.
  • We check compliance records to ensure all products are properly tested.
  • We request and review third party auditing records for relevant oversight, i.e., NSF, SQF, BRC, or ISO.

Thought Leadership In Food Safety

  • Through training, comprehensive and regular monitoring, and state-of- the-art technology, we are setting a high standard for our business while providing a model for others in the industry to follow.
  • Our team members currently serve on several food advisory boards, including:

In an increasingly complex food system, you can be sure food safety is our #1 priority. We honor this commitment by being at the forefront of food safety through use of best practices, utilization of the latest technology, and thought leadership.

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